HUGIN INTERNATIONAL has a responsibility to ensure that its own operations and those of its suppliers respect the legal requirements in various countries as well as international organisations’ views of basic rights. Our Code of Conduct is applied to all factories that are involved in the production of our products. While we are aware of the different legal and cultural conditions under which factories operate all around the world, this Code of Conduct defines basic requirements that all factories must comply with in order to do business with HUGIN INTERNATIONAL.

The Code of Conduct is an agreement that our suppliers commit to observing, and prescribes, among other things, that the supplier must comply with legal requirements and provide us with full access to factories and data for evaluation of the supplier’s compliance with the rules. The Code of Conduct further includes, inter alia, bans on child labour and discrimination, requirements for basic working conditions, the right to freely organize trade unions, payment of minimum wage and overtime pay, and limits on hours of work.