Mousepad produkter


Ergo M Pad is a patentee mouse pad with a surface that transfers any movement of the mouse to the screen.Extremely thin In the pamphlet on “Working with mouse” the Danish Ministry of labour claims that the whole of the lower arm should be kept horizontal while working with the mouse to avoid mouse injury. This implies, the thinner the pouse pad the better. Thus Ergo M Pad is ergonomically correct. Good grip The rear side is specially designed to make the mouse pad stick on the table without use of any kind of adhesive. Photographic quality The picture can be produced in 64 lines offset. This means photographic quality on the mouse pad. Rear side print The rear side board, which must be removed before the mouse pad can be used, can be printed as a greeting card, a questionnaire, a response card, etc. Two functions in one. The rear side print gives the mouse pad two functions: 1) A promotion gift 2) A marketing media. This also means that mouse pads concern two separate budgets i.e. advertising and marketing. Low weight Ergo M Pad weighs less than 50 g. This means that postage is saved when the pad is forwarded. Individual mane There is a unique possibility to customer relate the Ergo M Pad by printing each individual customers name on their pad.


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